Physical fitness is a hot topic today. And everywhere you turn you hear something new. But is it true?

The more you sweat, you burn more fat, this myth has encouraged people to work in a very hot, or wear layers of clothes or rubber or plastic weight loss is the hope of sweating fat. Unfortunately, it is losing water, not fat.

Burn fat when used as a fuel source for exercise, which does not happen at first. When you start exercising, you burn carbohydrates or sugars. It takes about 20 minutes of easy to moderate aerobic activity before the passage of sugars into fat burning begins. (Aerobic exercise is continuous rhythmic activity using the muscles of oxygen and much of the body such as arms and legs. Examples are cycling, jumping rope, walking, running, aerobics, and swimming.) It So, to burn fat, intend to work at least 40 minutes.

No pain, no gain people tend to abuse their training to look for quick results. If you do, may prove to be your fall as a result of injury or sore muscles.