If these activities are wary of another so that the original vision that led to the birth Tera Gold can help predict. These two activities are: music composition and sound production. In both cases, the production of expected results for the team. These two activities are essentially contemporary.

 The first serious test for computer music composition in 1956, was then calculated Lejaren Hiller played the section of code in the form of algorithms, computer, Illiac I, University of Illinois. And 'Illiac Suite for String Quartet, who performed in three parts this year, WQXR String Quartet.

 In a structure known in 1959 it was announced that bears the title "Experimental Musical Composition years electronic computer," Hiller Lejaren details the procedures for the Illiac computer to produce the result of his string quartet. To find this time was in 1956 that John McCarthy Cheap Runescape Gold coined the term artificial intelligence.


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