Are you a participant that is looking for something to do? Why not try a several Runescape value trails? They are quite fun and very fulfilling. Even with just a stage one value pathway, you can still get something like Dark-colored Silver Clipped Armour. I'm sure your thinking how to start a value pathway. First, you must get an idea search. You can get these from eliminating creatures around Runescape, the advanced stage the better hint search you could get. I will now explain to you a record of the creatures you can combat and what stage hint search they fall.

Level one hint scrolls: Man, Lady, Goblin (both stage 2 and 5.), Mugger, Grower Al-Kharid Enthusiast, Barbarian, Criminal, Stone Crabs, Icefiend, Criminal, Criminal, H.A.M. Associates, H.A.M. Protects, Banshees, Cavern Slime, the Morytania werewolves in individual type, Minotaur, Affected, Dagannoth Create, and Rellekka People (Borrakar, Freidar, Freygerd, Inga, Jennella, Lensa and Lanzig.)

Level two hint scrolls: Secure, Tribesman, Bandit Get away People, Cockatrice, Abyssal Leech, Pyrefiend Harpie Bug Travel, Dark-colored Secure, Rellekka Players, Market Protects, Jogre, Ice Enthusiast, Abyssal Guard, Pally, Catablepon, Forest Scary, Creature of the night, Dagannoth, Massive Bones, Abyssal Master, Wallasalki, Mummy, Massive Stone Crab, and Massive Sea Reptile.

Level three hint scrolls: Cyclops, Natural Monster, Cavern Scary, Ankou, Greater Devil, Elf Enthusiast, Tyras Secure, Suqah, Red Monster, Hellhound, Gorak, Red dragon, Intense Natural Monster, Dark-colored Monster, Brown Monster, Metal Monster, Precious metal Monster, Dagannoth Nobleman (Prime, Rex & Supreme), and Mithril Mythical beasts.

You can also get hint scrolls Runescape Gold  from pick-pocketing H.A.M. Associates or from Colour Boxes.