Discuss with the Horse Minder and he will place you in to Buy Runescape Gold . Contact a monkey and go into your stock. Now un-equip the Greegree and get in touch with the Horse Minder. Then provide the armour and try to get in the prison developing.Discuss to him; ask for an partnership and that he will describe to save a monkey in the Ardougne Zoo. So head on over to Ardougne, towards the zoo, own the Greegree.

 Then use the important factors on the prison cellular to save him. A precious metal organization is a organization which buys/sells Runescape precious metal, simple, they'll buy it off you and then provide it on, obviously they're going to be creating a gain, but they've already got a large variety of day-to-day customers, so they're always looking for more precious metal, which is why I've discovered it's always best to provide it to a respected precious metal organization.

 Then discuss to Jeremy, he says the secure fixed him up. Go to the area to the southern region and discuss to the secure seated on the seat or something. Go to the bar and buy him a Khali produce for 5gp, use it on him, he will get intoxicated, slight, and you will grab the important factors from him. Then get all your battling wowgold from the entrance, don't financial institution your taken armour though.

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